Gloom, Juun

what do you feel around a table in the gloom where you cannot see the start or the end? 

a past and future spirit rides by on a flash. 

when will this end and why is it happening? 

detached from reality, conversing in fear. 

This is not me or my truth. 

Time to ride forth and find the sun again. 

Ahh there it is. Let it hit your face. 

Joan Didion

She is an important American. Her prose sounds like analytical poetry. She simultaneously wears different hats: One of an investigative journalist and the other of a classic novelist. She seems to weave the cultural influence of California writ large and New York City on America as a whole. Paraphrasing a line I could relate to about the first time she left New York City: "It's true, you really can stay too long at the Fair." 

Leigh and I watched Joan Didion : The Center Will Not Hold  and were really inspired. 

Lizzie Owens gave me Play it as it Lays for Christmas the year I moved to LA. I never read it. I guess I wasn't ready. I can't wait to now. 


Annie Jacobsen

Annie Jacobsen writes books and contributes to the Los Angeles times. She is an extremely committed investigative journalist. She takes fringe issues head on. She is a digger - completely inspiring. She is a combination of Mulder and Scully. I read Area 51 and it was awesome. Phenomena sounds fascinating. It investigates government investigations of Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis. She spoke with RadioWest in Salt Lake this week.