This is a bigger deal.

Dempsey's last day of second grade as seen by her dad, Mike McCaleb. A good dad and a talented photographer. 

by Mike McCaleb

by Mike McCaleb

by Mike McCaleb

by Mike McCaleb

Dempsey's 7th Birthday.

Back in December Dempsey had a 7th birthday. She wanted to have an Art party. 12 girls, 150 paints, 1 cake, more candy, one conductor (Leigh). Great birthday. 

Holiday Party.

On Dec 23rd we had an awesome holiday party celebrating peace and love with our family and friends. Our good (and very talented) friend Steven Vargo took photos that night. He used an old film camera of mine and it had a partially exposed roll in it when he picked it up, so some of the photos at the end are over-exposed - sorry Steven! I still thought they were worth including. 

The Holiday Season

A few photos from Christmas and the New Year. We had an amazing time together filled with special people and positivity. You need to remember the good years. 



My Light. My Love. My partner in Life. I learn so much from her. Be kind. Let what is in your spirit radiate out into the world as a beacon of hope. Be authentic, true and honest to yourself and others. I honor you everyday. I appreciate you everyday. I will love you everyday until my last and beyond. Hand in hand staring out into the horizon.