The Founder, 2016

This movie blew my mind. It captures the transition from the utopian ideals of 20th century American Capitalism to the inevitable extreme of the ideology. The McDonald's brothers represent the entrepreneurial spirit to compete by applying genius to create a better product and experience for their customers. Ray Kroc represents the unquenchable thirst to maximize every aspect of an idea and push the profit motive to the absolute limit. The pure idea wasn't his. 


the drive for more has consequences that cannot be reversed. 

When you want it ALL, you TAKE. You leave a wake of destruction. Something is lost. I think the ideology itself is a casualty. The spirit of capitalism dies. It is cannibalized by itself leaving a new monster behind that humanity thinks it recognizes but it doesn't. Madeline Albright has said recently, "If you pluck a chicken one feather at a time, it doesn't know its bare." that seems apt here.