Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

Leigh and I watched this the other night. I heard James Franco talk about how compelling it was on WTF with Marc Maron the other day. Which was a great conversation as well. Jim Carrey completely engulfs himself in Andy Kaufman and furthermore into Kaufman's alter ego, Tony Clifton. It is wheels operating inside wheels operating inside wheels. But the real gem of this documentary is the current state of mind of Jim Carrey. He seems completely enlightened. Like his life is now an open door into an elevated realm. One that is free of so much of the minutiae that keeps people tied down. I forget how talented Jim Carrey is - he feels like an individual who has turned into a caricature on a hollywood cartoon drawing of establishment personalities of a certain generation. Imagine what a trifecta of opening films like Ace Ventura-The Mask-Dumb and Dumber would do to you as a human being just trying to live up to your father. Wild. Really Inspiring - Stay woke, Jim.