Hello, Goodbye (A fond farewell to a friend.)

I am not angry. Or am I? 

No. I haven't been. It must be my white privilege. The gift that keeps on giving. 

I have been sad. So sad. During Hillary Rodham Clinton's concession I wept out all the anxiety, fear and disbelief from election night. As she stood there in front of two men. One her husband, the 42nd President of the United States. The other, her running mate, the Junior Senator of Virginia. 

She shed her labels one at a time like old skin cracking away. Flaking off in pieces.

"Corrupt" "Insider" "Greedy" "Secretive" "Too This" "Too That" "Fake Southern Accent" "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" all of it. 

As she spoke, which was one of the most important political speeches I have ever witnessed, I saw her turn to stone, put her arms above her head with her wrists together forming a foot hold for the next woman to use as her final step as she ascends to greatness. May the next woman be the honorable person we need, right when we need her. May she come quickly. 

And as for him, the one who won. The one who pounded the shrill drum for the paper thin parade of fear, dishonesty and disconnection, I wish you all the best on your journey. You are my president now. And Dempsey's. And Leigh's. And our family's. And our friends'. May you burrow deep into the depths of your own mind to find compassion, reason, justice, intellect and humility. 

Because it is so easy to say "you don't speak for us" 

But we have a process. A bedrock. A foundation. I am a democrat. Not by party but by principal. I honor my right to vote - free of all the noise and currency that attach to that honor like velcro. 

You sir, consolidate all my beliefs and priorities. In fact, the road to progress has never been clearer. When I felt the darkest after your victory,  I was met with creativity and inspiration that originated deep in my soul.

It's time to talk to each other. It's time to listen to each other. 

Not what you want to hear, but what is difficult to hear. It is time to meet that difference with dignity. We are only as divided as we let ourselves become. The truth is we are not that different. We are all human beings.

It's time for action. It's time to build. It's time to create. 

Tomorrow the sun will rise. Dempsey will wake up and tip toe into our room like a mouse, ready to take on her day. We know what to say and we know what to do.