The White-Savior Industrial Complex by @tejucole in The Atlantic, 2012

I just finished this article by Teju Cole from 2012 in The Atlantic for my PUBLIC INTEREST DESIGN BUILD class at the School of Architecture. 

We are critiquing the principals of Public Interest Design such as "Helicoptering In" western ideals into foreign communities, colonial legacies, consideration for culture and the importance of locality. 

Teju Cole raised interesting points on ideas like: 

  • the issue behind "the issue"
  • at least being a self aware hipocrite
  • the power of narratives 
  • "making a difference" 
  • due diligence as a minimum in interfering in the lives of others 
  • True activism vs. "making a difference" 

Thanks Mr. Cole. I'm sure we will have a great discussion today in class. 

Read it.